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Costs of sending text messages and the results they bring

Before using text messages as a marketing channel, most companies believe that text messages are expensive and intrusive to their visitors.

In this article, we will focus on the cost and results of text messages, their effectiveness, and their effect on the recipients as well as customers, and go through a few Case studies to see, what effects text messages can have on your business.

Cost of text messages

Text messages have a different price based on the country they are sent to. This is based on the mobile solution provider and can not be affected. The prices can change, and they do regularly.

The price of the text message is important. If the price is low, you can suspect that the provider uses gray routes or even text messaging farms with cellphones with unlimited packages. This makes the deliverability of text messages and the possibility of being marked as spam extremely high.

The mobile network provider must have the biggest coverage possible. The more established the network, the better the deliverability rate.

Our advice: Do not compare the prices of the different service providers but select the ones with the highest quality of service.

In the end, the results you get speak for themselves! With a ROI of over 2400% and CTR up to 40%, you can never go wrong.

Results text messages bring

Just slightly earlier, we mentioned the overall results text messages bring. But that is only the average results. Some companies have a ROI of almost 7500%. We have a special section on our site with some Case Studies, which you can check here: “””””””””””””””””””””””””

Not only are the results immediately seen, but with the use of CartBoss, everything works on autopilot. Once it is set, you can forget about everything; just check the results.

The lowest result we noted was a ROI of 900%.

Are text messages effective?

Most definitely. It is hard to answer any differently. The results they generate, the open rate,… they simply perform better than any other marketing channel and should be used by more than just 66% of E-commerce stores.

Text messages are used the same way as emails are; they just contain far less text. But that actually has a benefit. Less text, easier to see the offer – as least distractions as possible.

Text messages work – amazingly!

Do people like getting text messages?

People love getting them. In fact, at CartBoss, we noted that every 2000th recipient unsubscribes from the option to receive them.

There has been a lot of research done on this subject, and it came out that over 75% of people would like to receive text message notifications from the brands and websites they follow.

Still, only 66% of companies use them, even though they are extremely popular and simple to implement with CartBoss.

Do customers like receiving post-purchase text messages?

Customers, especially brand-devoted customers, are one of the best text message and email recipients possible. The open rate is usually double, including the click-through rate.

Needless to say, any type of communication with your customers is well accepted, even expected. Customers love receiving discounts, special offers, and even links to pre-launched products.

Case Studies

We at CartBoss have prepared multiple case studies from companies that started using our solution for recovering abandoned carts with text messages.

The cases can be found on this link: CartBoss – Use Cases.


When asking yourself if text messages are a good fit for your online business, we advise you to test it out and see what results you get.

Everything is already prepared for all the options, settings, and messages. All you need to do is connect your site and wait for the results.

It is that easy. Register at CartBoss and start growing your orders on autopilot – with text messages.

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