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CartBoss – new feature available

We are constantly thriving to offer new features to our customers as we get a lot of new demands daily. We have been adding them as fast as possible, and we will be expanding our solution to optimize your marketing results with the help of text messages!

New platform support

At CartBoss, we started by offering our solution to WordPress/WooCommerce websites with a Plug&Play plugin. This plugin made it possible to easily integrate CarBoss with any WooCommerce website waiting minutes by just entering the API key. In addition, we prepared an SDK in PHP for all the custom websites, so that the integration process would be as simple as possible, even if you are a developer.

Due to the high demand, we decided to add another platform – Shopify. The Shopify CartBoss app is available at the following link SMS Abandoned Cart – CartBoss. It is completely free to install and easy to integrate with WooCommerce sites. Just enter the API key, and your site is ready to start sending text messages!

Also, we have some exciting news! We have started to develop new plugins for even more platforms! Two new E-commerce platforms are coming up shortly.

New countries

We started with the EU countries, which by now, we have mainly covered. We expanded our service to the US and Canada and opened even more countries. Till the end of this month, we will be covering all the countries in the European Union, South America, and we will add Australia and New Zealand.

Not only that, but we will also be adding more than 30 additional countries across the world in the next few months! Hopefully, we will offer our solution on most continents worldwide by the end of the year.

If you want to see the list of all the countries where we offer our solution, visit this link here

Advanced targeting

This is an exciting feature that will make your experience with CartBoss even better! Now you can decide what text messages you want to send from specific websites – this means that you can have multiple different websites within your CartBoss dashboard and have additional automation for each one.

This way, you can have multiple brands or other types of websites within one dashboard, and each one can be customized to its requirements. Especially now, since you can write custom text messages.

To see how to set specific text messages for particular websites, check this article where we explain in detail how you can do this: Different text messages per site.

The feature that we offered initially, where you can have multiple accounts within your main one, is still available! This feature is now mainly used with marketing agencies, where they control different customer accounts with one main CartBoss user account.

Post-Purchase text messages

Win-Back text messages are messages that are extremely useful for recognized brands. And these types of messages are the same as Post-Purchase text messages, with the only difference being is the time delay.

We decided to rename Win-Back text messages to Post-Purchase text messages to make them easier for our users since most did not understand what Win-Back text messages are used for.

To read more about Post-Purchase text messages, check our article
Post-Purchase text messages.

With Post-Purchase text messages and the additional option of adding custom text messages, a whole new world of options has opened! To give you an idea of all the options you have with this combination, check our article Send post-purchase offers (Customer WinBack messages), where we give you a few examples of what you can do!

New special offers

At first, we just offered a percentage or fixed discount for the message’s recipient. Now we added complete freedom to offer whatever you want!

Not only can you offer free shipping, which works out of the box, but you can also add your custom coupon codes. This means that you can decide what to offer – including offering a gift, a buy one get one free offer, or even free Cash on delivery option to your customers.

This way, you have complete freedom to offer whatever you want, without any limitations. Keep in mind that with custom coupon codes, you first need to generate them on your website before you start sending the messages that have them included. Still, they are automatically applied to the recipient’s cart, meaning they will not have to enter them into the coupon code input field!

Want to check out how to add your custom coupon codes to CartBoss? Check out this article Custom coupon codes. And, if you want to read more in detail about each special offer, then check this article here What special offers can be sent?.

Custom text messages

We got a lot of requests to make it possible to write your custom text messages, so we made this feature a possibility. Not only can you now write your text messages, but you can make them multilingual!

This works seamlessly with the complete CartBoss functionality, just like the pre-prepared text messages that come out of the box.

You can add custom links as well to redirect the recipients of the messages to whatever site/subpage of your site you would like to. Even more, all the links are shortened so that you save on the length of the message.

Want to learn how to make your first custom text message? Check our tutorial on the following link Make custom text messages.

Updated interface

Making the interface of CartBoss as easy to use as possible is crucial so that our users can easily set everything up as they want without any mistakes and as fast as possible.

We devoted a lot of time redesigning a few crucial settings within the CartBoss dashboard, including the list of connected websites, the settings for each text message, and the website edit interface.

We hope that the changed interface will help our users use our solution! But we will also be adding some additional updates shortly with some unique and advanced features that will give you even more insights into the results you achieve, text messages that are sent, and advanced analytics reports you need.

Support articles

To make it as easy for you and your marketing team to start using all the features that CartBoss offers in its full potential without the need to discover things on your own, we started preparing support articles where we have everything you need describing in detail – included with images.

The tutorials are short and straightforward, making it easy to understand every feature!

The tutorials are available at the following link

Not only that, but we are also preparing videos where we will go through every step of the way of using CartBoss and each specific feature. Stay tuned for more amazing news!

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