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CartBoss – GDPR compliant text messaging service

GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA).

The main goal of GDPR is to protect website users from their data being exploited or contacted without their acknowledgment.

This makes remarketing difficult, no matter the marketing channel.

Regulations regarding sending text messages to your visitors or customers vary from country to country, so to comply with the laws in the country you send text messages, consulting with a law firm is vital.

This is why we developed CartBoss in a way that you can fully customize it so that you are in compliance with the local laws.

Recipient consent

Based on the GDPR regulations, it is required to get user permission to get in touch with them via email or text messages.

This is why CartBoss has a built-in option to show a checkbox to get the confirmation that they agree with receiving text messages from your website.

In Shopify, this is a built-in feature; with WordPress, it is optional.

Based on the consent, CartBoss offers to set country limitations based on each website and text message. This means that you can set to which countries your text messages will be sent and to which ones not. This is a great feature for websites that have international traffic.

Unsubscribe option

Every text message automatically includes the option to unsubscribe from receiving further text messages. A one-click solution that works out of the box.

The option to simply unsubscribe from this kind of promotion is obligatory due to GDPR. To make the experience more pleasant for the recipients, we made the process of unsubscribing as simple as possible.

Data deletion

Personal data, meaning the information from your site visitors, is stored only for 2 weeks and then deleted. Only the statistically vital information is saved, nothing more.

How language detection works?

We detect the language based on several factors. None of them include the personal information of the recipient and storing.

At CartBoss, we focus on the safety of personal information. Still, it is interesting to see such a low rate of unsubscriptions – only 1 per 2000 people contacted.

CartBoss user information

We do not share what companies use our solution and only share Case studies where those companies agreed to share their story.

Do not disturb mode

Some countries require that marketing text messages are not sent during night hours.

At CartBoss, we embedded that feature into the sistem, and it works out of the box. Text messages are not sent during the predefined night hours – but it can be set differently if wanted. The messages are postponed till the next day and sent at a more appropriate time.

The time/hours are calculated based on the local time of the recipient.

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