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Best text messaging service for WooCommerce

Text messages have been growing in popularity with online shops. They are being used in order to optimize marketing and grow brand awareness. But there can be many barriers in the way before your online shops start using them. Not with CartBoss.

CartBoss is a text messaging service for marketing optimization that works on autopilot. There is a WooCommerce extension and a Shopify app that seamlessly integrates CartBoss in your store and connects it with your user dashboard.

What makes CartBoss the best solution for your WooCommerce store?

In order to fully grasp the advantages and the level of marketing optimization CartBoss offers to online stores, one must test it out! It is so simple to use that it is hard to realize. Here are a few reasons, why CartBoss is the best text messaging service for Woocommerce:

1. Simple integration

Integrating CartBoss in your WooCommerce store is a simple task of installing our CartBoss WordPress plugin and pasting in your API key. That is it. Your site is now connected with our text messaging service. 

2. Pre-prepared messages

Do not waste time thinking about what to write in the messages you send to your visitors. We have tested multiple different messages and kept only the ones that had the best conversion rates. 

3. Already translated messages

Not only are the messages prepared for you, but they are also translated into all the languages where we offer sending them. You save time by not having to think about what messages to send and money by not having to translate them.

4. Completely seamless integration

After you integrate our service in your online shop no additional work is required. Our system automatically detects the individual checkout fields and stores the data of the visitors. The checkout does not change in any way. But you do have the option from within the CartBoss plugin to move the phone field to the top of the form. 

5. GDPR compliant

CartBoss fully supports GDPR regulations. Each text message that is sent includes an option to unsubscribe from receiving them. In addition, you can show an additional checkbox under the phone field on the checkout form, showing a checkbox where users can opt into receiving them. 

6. Auto-fill checkout fields

In order to speed up the process of completing an order, we have made CartBoss work in a way that when a visitor comes back to the site via the link in the text message, all his information is automatically filled in the checkout fields. They do not need to waste time and re-enter their information. This increases the chances of conversion by more than 50% based on our findings. 

7. Automatic coupon generation

Offering an additional discount when somebody does not complete their order can be a good solution to increase your odds of a successful conversion. In order for store owners to save time, we have incorporated coupon generating within the plugin. Coupons are automatically generated and deleted after a while. As a store owner, you do not have to do anything.

The idea behind our text messaging service is the simplicity of use. We want our users to have the best of both worlds – advanced solutions which offer marketing optimization and simplicity of use. From creating an account to sending your first text messages takes you 5 minutes. That is it. And because you have everything prepared – the text messages and the translations – you have no additional costs. 

And one more thing – there are no subscription fees. You only pay as you go. No need to pay to test our text messaging service or to have all the features available. Everything is available for you immediately after registering at

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