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Alternative ways of using CartBoss

CartBoss can be used in many ways, even though we currently offer only abandoned cart recovery and post-purchase text messages.

With a little imagination, your creativity is the only limitation stopping you from integrating text messages in your marketing campaigns due to the time delay you can set for each text message.

This is why we prepared an article for you, where we try to give you as many ideas on how to use our solution to make the most out of text messages.

Sending text messages as support

Sending text messages as support can be done for customers who have abandoned their shopping cart or for customers who bought on your site. CartBoss offers a type of text message for each event.

If a customer abandons his cart, send them a text message and ask them if they have any specific questions regarding the products they have abandoned – either by email or phone. Were there not good enough shipping options, perhaps missing payment methods?

Try to get them to reach out to you. That way, you can additionally optimize your online shop and get better results in the long run.

With a text message as support for the customers that have already completed an order on your site, sharing delivery information is one way to go about it. There are several other ways to use post-purchase text messages as support that can help you grow your business.

Send additional information about the payment methods, order information, order number (which works out of the box with CartBoss), and your contact information.

This way, you give your customers the reassurance that they will receive the package and that you are always available for them if they have any questions. This way, a good brand name is created.

Sending text messages as additional information

Thinking of what some useful additional information would benefit your customers? Or perhaps even visitors who abandoned their cart?

One option that some of our users do is send links to product catalogs on the website or as a PDF link.

Are you perhaps selling only one product? Then sending additional information about the product can significantly increase an abandoned cart’s recovery.

Think outside the box, who your customers are, and what would benefit them. Again, a fantastic way to grow your brand name.

Sending text messages as a notification

Do you know the delivery time for your packages in every country? Great! Then the next suggestion will be perfect for you.

X days after the customer completed their order, where X is the delivery time, send them a text message: “Hey John, your package is going to arrive today or tomorrow! Hope you like it!”.

With this message, your can expect your number of unclaimed packages to drop.

Sending text messages as an order confirmation

It is crucial to reassure your customers that the order has been processed and delivered as fast as possible. And that is done on the website. Still, sending a text message as an order confirmation makes it much more personal and more accessible if they want to recheck the information about the delivery date.

Text messages are at the tip of our fingers. Due to a large number of emails, it might be hard to find that specific email with the order confirmation – but because there are not that many text messages, finding the one from the eCommerce website is much easier.

Sending text messages with delivery information

Sending delivery information after an order has been completed can drastically impact the number of claimed packages. This is important because, in most cases, when a package is not claimed, the payment method is usually Cash on delivery. In this specific situation, the company is losing money.

Sending text messages with delivery information can be done multiple times – immediately after the purchase, a few days later, and on the day of delivery.
Sending delivery information right after the order has been made is usually combined with some additional order information. Still, it is a good idea to put emphasis on the delivery as that is the last part of the complete experience.

The next one can be sent just a day or two later, notifying the customer that their package is on the way! The reassurance you give to your customers is an important part of building a brand and ensuring that you have the best possible chances of that package being claimed.

The last one is, of course, on the day of the delivery – in case you know the exact delivery delays for each country where you offer sent.

This day is essential – the package must be claimed, or the company loses money. Sending a gentle reminder that the parcel will be delivered today has improved many companies’ package claims rates.

With the time delay settings for each text message, CartBoss offers a simple way of setting this kind of text message up.

Sending survey text messages

Want to know how satisfied your online visitors and customers are with your business? Ask them!

Send them a text message with a survey link and ask them a few important questions. Those questions should be wisely chosen; as the more questions you ask, the fewer people will finish and submit the survey.

These messages can be sent to people who abandoned their shopping carts or completed their orders. Even better is if there are two different surveys, one for each.

Sending review text messages

A great way of getting more products sold is social proof. The more reviews the product has, the better.

People trust online reviews and the opinion and experiences of others significantly affect their final decision. This is not limited to products but also company, restaurant, and service satisfaction reviews.

The text message for getting reviews can be completely personalized. Prepare your survey/review site, add it to the text message and wait for the reviews to start coming!

With a little bit of imagination, you can even offer a special discount if they submit a review 😉 The possibilities are limitless with CartBoss!

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