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7 steps to set up CartBoss for optimal results

CartBoss offers different kinds of text messages and features that can be used so that you can optimize your marketing costs with the help of text messages.

We often get asked what settings and messages we recommend to be active in order to get the best results. This article will describe some of the best strategies to find your perfect combination of text messages for optimal results.

Step 1: Basics – Skip if you are already using CartBoss

In order to even start using CartBoss to send text messages, company information must be filled so that you can enter your credit card information. It is best to select the option to automatically refills the account balance so that you never stop sending the messages.

Other than that, you are completely ready to start recovering abandoned carts with text messages.

We recommend that you check the individual settings the CartBoss dashboard offers – from custom text messages, limitations, brands, multiple special offers – and different types of text messages.

Step 2: Reflect – What have you been doing so far?

Most of our users start using CartBoss with the recommended settings – the two abandoned cart text messages that are already pre-selected. That is it. The results CartBoss brings are more than satisfying, so they never even decide to tweak some settings. All they do is add more and more websites to their account.

It is best to save the results you have made so far before you start making any changes so that you can compare the results. You might be surprised by the results of a brand-customized text message.

If you sell to multiple countries, do not forget to save that information as well. Optimizing costs based on an individual country can have amazing results on the company’s profits.

Step 3: Test – Activate different text messages

Although the default text messages bring great results, it is best to test out additional text messages. For example, instead of having just 2 abandoned cart text messages, why not try a third one. Or a fourth one.

The results are easy to see and understand, so this kind of testing can be done in a relatively short time span.

Not only the number of text messages for a specific event but testing out additional types of text messages can completely change the way you look at text messages as a marketing channel.

Test them out and monitor the results.

An important aspect of different text messages is their content. Maybe a different kind of text within the message would be better. Or even writing your personal text message that resonates with the brand identity.

Testing out messages with different content but the same offer is also one thing that we do recommend.

Step 4: Test some more – Test the number, time delays, and different types of text messages

As previously mentioned, testing out different numbers of text messages will give you an overview of how your Open Rate and ROI drop based on each text message. This way, you continue to the point where the profit margin is still worth your trouble.

With multiple text messages being sent – whether for abandoned cart recovery or post-purchase offerstesting out different time delays for each text message is a great way to find the best Open Rate and results.

Step 5: Brand – Be even more personal

By default, CartBoss sends text messages with the sender ID CartBoss. This is because having your own custom sender ID requires additional verification in order to avoid phishing attacks.

They also come with a monthly subscription, which you can find in your dashboard. Of course, you are not limited to the number of custom sender IDs you own – usually based on the number of brands owned by the user.

Step 6: Analyze – Do a results overview

It is important to test the above-mentioned ideas in order to optimize your marketing costs and results.

After implementing changes, it is important to let them run for a while until you gather enough statistical data worth analyzing – have a statistically big enough pattern.

As mentioned, testing out different combinations based on an individual country might be something that gives you an edge against the competition.

Analyzing the results and planning the next testing phase based on the results is what the point of testing is all about. Finding the best combination of text messages that bring the best return on investment.

Step 7: Advanced – In-Depth cost optimization

Optimizing CartBoss in order to save as much money as possible can be even further optimized – although, by default, this feature is already enabled, so just check if you made any changes.

We are talking about the smart encoding the text messages, which transforms special characters into normal ones; for example, it transforms the letter “ž” into “z.” This way, it takes 3 fewer characters in the text message.

This is important because text messages have a limit to their character length. Exciding the limit and CartBoss will have to send multiple text messages, costing you double.

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