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Difference between Post-Purchase and Win-Back text messages

The term “Post-Purchase offer” has been known in the marketing world for a long time, but the word “Win-back offer” is not that well known. Although they both represent an offer that is given to a customer that has already completed a purchase on the website, the differences vary in time and the offer itself.

Although you can find a few articles on our site dedicated to Post-Purchase text messages and Win-Back text messages, this article is meant to compare both of these types of messages and see when and how to use and implement them.

To optimize your results with CartBoss, we recommend using all types of text messages we offer to send. No matter the type of E-commerce store you have, the messages will give you positive results – the only difference is in how many messages you send and what kind of offer you give to your recipients.

Time delay

These two types of text messages significantly vary in the time delay in which they should be sent to the recipient that has completed an order on your site. Post-Purchase text messages should be sent as soon as possible, and no matter how many you decide to send out, they should all be delivered within 24 hours of completing the order. After that time, the conversion rate greatly decreases as the recipients are not focused on their bought product anymore.

Win-Back text messages are entirely different. These messages should be sent a week or even later after the purchase. As they are meant to make your customers remember you and your brand back, the messages are intended to do just that – besides growing the number of orders.

Although both messages are great for all E-commerce sites, Win-Back text messages are perfect for well know brands!

Number of messages

Sending up to three Post-Purchase text messages is the maximum amount that is recommended. Anything more than that, the conversion rates drop heavily, and you also become too intrusive to your recipients, which will make them unsubscribe.

With Win-Back text messages, which you send every two weeks, there is no limit. You can continue sending them as long as you decide to/have a positive return on investment.

It is important to understand that Win-Back text messages are a way to make your customers remember your brand, so sending them messages every once in a while is a positive thing.

What to offer in the messages

With Post-Purchase text messages, like usually with offers immediately after the purchase, it is best to offer a significantly discounted product complementary to the bought one. One option is to offer your customers a few different products that might be a good fit with the bought one.

Win-Back text messages are a different story. With these messages, you usually give your recipients/customers a discount or free delivery on anything they buy on your site. No matter the product. You do not show them any specific products that have a high discount or anything. You only give them the incentive to go back to your site and buy new products that they might still be interested in but need an incentive to go back and buy.

Best practices

To get the best of both types of text messages, there are some best practices besides the ones mentioned above. It is important to note that each type of text message is not only different but is used for different types of online stores.

To summarize, Post-Purchase text messages should be sent within 24 hours and a maximum amount of three. Win-Back text messages should be sent after a week of purchase and have no limit on how many should be sent.

Offering unique discounted products with Post-Purchase text messages is the best practice. Still, it is also the norm for any Pust-Purchase offer, no matter the medium of communication. The whole point of Post-Purchase text messages is to offer a few specific products – as least as possible to make it easier for the recipients to decide.

With Win-Back text messages, offering whatever they want from the store is the primary goal. The idea is not to limit them but to make them remember the brand name and just buy something from the site. Yet still, the main goal is not that much to make the recipients buy something but to grow brand awareness.

To get the best results with Win-back text messages, we recommend sending a few different text messages every once in a while, not sending the same one each time. Offer them various discounts, offer free delivery, and change the text in the message to stand out and show your brand personality.

What kind of online stores should use them?

Post-Purchase text messages are completely universal, and we at CartBoss recommend every store use them in their marketing funnel. Test out the number of messages you send and various offers. After a testing period, limit the number of messages so that you make the best profit based on the results.

Win-Back text messages can be a bit more tricky. These messages perform amazingly for brands that are well known and have a high social following because their followers are just waiting for some special offers that they give out.

The only thing to keep in mind with Win-Back text messages is that you should not be too generic or send out the same message each time. That is it. Not only based on the overall statistics but also based on our research/results, Win-Back text messages generate amazing results and are something that E-commerce companies are missing out on if they are not using CartBoss.

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