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7 amazing Win-Back text messages ideas

Thinking about what to offer your customers with Win-Back text messages with CartBoss? We prepared a few simple-to-implement ideas so that you can start growing your brand.

Not sure what Win-Back text messages are? Check our article on Win-Back text messages if you want to know everything about Win-Back text messages, but in a nutshell, these text messages are sent periodically to customers (for example, every month) with a special offer.

Some ideas might require additional customizations on your website but are minor tasks, so don’t worry! And our support team is always ready to help you and answer all your questions!

1. Discount

Offering a discount, whether it be on all products on the site or just specific ones, offering a discount is something that will give amazing results no matter where and when.

And the solution for this is simple. Just send your users to the homepage of the brand and let them check around the site and what they would like to buy due to the offered discount in the text message.

Here, the solution for recovering abandoned carts with text messages, CartBoss, shines. This feature not only works out of the box, but we already have the text messages for this specific type of offer and type of text message prepared!

2. Free shipping

This feature also works out-of-the-box with CartBoss, just like the Discount option mentioned above. As with abandoned cart text messages, we highly recommend testing multiple different types of offers you send and also the type of message.

It might be that the Discount offer performs best for abandoned cart text messages, but for Win-Back text messages, offering free shipping is the way to go. You never know until you test it out!

3. Coupon code

This idea is a bit different from what we usually recommend – automatically applying the coupon code to the recipient’s cart. Here, this is not the case.

Sending a literal Coupon code that needs to be manually written in the coupon field does take more time. But it gives your recipients the option to share it. And if the offer is good, the option for them to share it with their friends is higher. And the more coupon codes are used, the more sale your store has made.

An additional idea: When sending the Coupon code, add the link that has the Coupon code embedded in the cart for the recipient. And when shared as the link, it will work anyway, but usually, recipients share the Coupon code itself.

4. Limited-time special offer

This isn’t a specific offer from a text message but more of an idea when writing your custom Win-Back text messages.

Informing the recipients that there is a time limit to the offer grows interest in them and makes them not want to miss out on the limited-time special deal. That is why mentioning it and limiting it to a specific date usually generates better results.

5. Pre-released products

An idea specifically tailored for brands due to the devotion of their followers. They can’t wait for new product releases and would do anything to get their hands on the latest and greatest – whatever that might be.

Offering a special, hidden category of only special, not listed products. It piques interest and makes the recipients feel special, which further grows the brand devotion.

6. Surveys

An amazing idea to not always send special offers and discount with Win-Back text messages! Customers like to express their opinion about the experience on your website, what they would like to see next, what products they are missing, and much more.

Recipients feel as if they have become part of the brand. And the website can be updated based on the results of the surveys.

With a good implementation of surveys and by asking relevant questions, the results can have drastic effects on your brand and business in the long run.

7. Product reviews

Social proof is one of the most important factors that influence our decision to buy the product or not. This is especially true when it comes to pricier products – we want to make sure that we do not waste our money and time by returning it to the store if we are unsatisfied with the product.

Getting reviews about the products we sell in our store is crucial in order to grow your brand and conversions.

And when receiving a review from the customer, you can always send them a gift coupon that they can use in your shop.

You can not only ask for product reviews; reviews can be received for various social profiles as well. Facebook page review, Google business review,… You name it; send them to a specific link where you gather all the reviews in one place and grow your brand – within a few clicks of a button!

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