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7 amazing Post-Purchase text messages ideas

Thinking about what to offer your customers with Post-Purchase text messages with CartBoss? Well, we prepared a few simple-to-implement ideas so that you can start optimizing your marketing spend today!

Some ideas might require additional customizations on your website but are minor tasks, so don’t worry! And our support team is always ready to help you if needed!

1. Simple product upsell

Once customers complete an order from your website, the possibility of them buying on your website again is better by over 40%! In addition, they are still in the shopping mindset, so the possibilities of up-selling them an additional product quickly after the purchase are greater than usual.

Sending a text message as quickly as possible after a successful purchase and offering them a highly discounted product generates one of the best results. Adding a description of the product in the message with the price and amount of discount gives you even additional options – but more on that in one of the next ideas.

2. Multiple product upsell

Want to increase your chances of up-selling a product with a Post-Purchase text message? Then send them a link to a specific subpage on your site with multiple products listed specially for them.

Usually, there are only a few products listed on these subpages, but in the end, it depends on the online store type.

3. Special offer on all products on the site

This idea is popular with brands, as they want to offer the best possible experience for loyal customers. Offering a global discount on all your products grows your brand as you get additional support for your brand – the brand logo is more seen all around when bought more often.

This way, you also do not limit your customers to a limited number of products – they can choose to use that special offer on whatever they previously didn’t buy due to their budget.

4. Special offer on specific products on the site

Want to optimize your profits? Have products in stock that just don’t sell?

This is a perfect solution to do both! Set a new product category on your website and add the above-mentioned products. Set them a crazy discount. Now offer your customers a post-purchase offer with a text message that links directly to the list of products in this category.

You optimize profits by offering products in this category that have the best profit margins. Simple as that.

Getting rid of dead stock?

Simple, just add products in the designated product category and give them an amazing discount. Done! Just start sending Post-Purchase text messages and see the results!

5. Coupon code to share with friends

This idea is useful on most websites and generates good results – but again, brands profit from this the most in the long run.

While the offer that the coupon code can offer varies from discounts to free shipping and any other idea you might think about when creating a custom coupon code on your website.

The option for the recipient to use the code or share it with his friends offers a viral effect. Not only do you sell more, but your brand gets more attention!

For most viral results, we at CartBoss highly recommend sending text messages that are personal and as interesting as possible with the addition of a call to action part that grabs the attention.

6. Redirect to checkout with upsell product already in cart

This solution generates amazing results – high conversion rates with one of the best CTR to ROI percentages.

An example text message like this would be:
Hi, thank you for your order!
We have a special offer for you – A NLB PRO Basketball
with a -70% discount for just 25E!
Add to order here: LINK

If somebody is interested in the offer or if the offer is written in a way that it grabs their attention even more personally, these post-purchase text messages generate one of the best results!

To grow trust in your website, service, brand,.., getting reviews of it makes it one of the best ways to do it. Social proof is one of the most influential factors in the decision to complete an order.

That is why a lot of companies use text messages to ask for a review of the product they received – of course, you can ask for a review of a service or company – it does not matter as you set the link in your CartBoss dashboard yourself.

In addition, setting a reward for a review by sending them a coupon code ads to this amazing idea, that will easily generate results immediately and in the long run.

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