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Woocommerce and text messages

Woocommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress used on more than 28% of all online shops. It offers fast and simple customization and integration with other services. Some of these services include email marketing/newsletter integration and various upsell services for sending abandoned cart emails. But, how do you integrate text messages into Woocommerce?

The possibility to integrate text messages in WooCommerce should be seamlessly incorporated into the WordPress platform so that you have only as many customization options as needed, and that it is as fast as possible. In other words, you do not need a developer to connect your text messaging service with your website.

This is why we developed Cart Boss – a text messaging service that is fast and simple to integrate with your WordPress website or online store built with WooCommerce. The Cart Boss plugin for connecting your user account with your website is available here: Cart Boss plugin.

Why integrate text messages into your WooCommerce website?

Text messages are a great way to interact with your leads, customers, and online visitors. You can notify them about your latest posts, special offers, and discounts that are available on your website.

By using text messages, you take advantage of a marketing channel that offers a 98% open rate and a 40%+ click-through rate. It is one of the best ways to optimize your marketing and get more online traffic and conversions.

Even more, 40% of people like getting notifications via text messages from the websites they visit and would like more websites to offer this kind of service.

How to integrate text messages into WooCommerce?

Different services for sending text messages from websites offer different ways of connecting your site with their service. Cart Boss stands out with its simplicity – all you need to do is register an account at Cart Boss and install the plugin on your website.

The integration with the website works seamlessly. There is no need for additional plugins or other configurations – simply enter your Cart Boss API key and you’re set. You don’t even have to make any additional coupon codes inside of WooCommerce.

After the initial integration of the Cart Boss service on your website, you must make sure that your website is compliant with the legal requirements, taking into account the GDPR. The plugin has different options that you can set up – including a checkbox field where the users can opt-in for receiving text messages; one of them being abandoned cart text messages.

Other fields on the checkout are automatically recognized by the plugin – the name, surname, address, phone number,… These fields are auto-populated on the next return of the visitor – if they visit the site via the link from the text message sent by Cart Boss.

Offering discounts with text messages

Discounts are a great way of boosting the number of sales. In WooCommerce you can have different types of discounts with different limitations and rules. Installing additional plugins for WooCommerce discounts gives you even more room to play around with different options so that you can offer your customers the best deals possible.

With most external services you need to add custom coupons inside of WooCommerce in order for the discount to work. Cart Boss generates the coupons automatically and also ensures that they are deleted after a while.

Although websites usually show an input field for entering a coupon code, this is not an optimal way. Visitors need to remember or copy and paste the coupon code, which can lead to people not entering the code correctly and getting frustrated, thus leaving the site.

This is why with Cart Boss the discount gets automatically applied to the checkout without needing to enter the coupon code. The discount is simply visible in the checkout cart.
In addition, to optimize conversions and user engagement, you have the option of showing a small popup that notifies the visitor that they have received a discount and that it will be applied at the checkout.

WooCommerce abandoned cart text messages

The percentage of abandoned carts is more than 80% based on the latest statistics. This means that out of 100 people getting to your checkout, 80 of them will leave the site without completing the order.

Some of the main reasons for abandoning a cart are:

  • Hidden extra costs like shipping and tax
  • Forced account creation
  • Slow product delivery
  • Time-consuming checkout
  • Website issues

We have seen in a lot of cases that the visitors who later on abandoned their cart still fill out the complete checkout form. This is even more popular with websites that calculate your shipping costs only after you have entered all your information.

This is where the Cart Boss plugin starts to work its magic. When the visitor abandons their cart, the Cart Boss plugin puts this visitor in the abandoned cart funnel for receiving text messages. Usually, this is a sequence of 2 to 3 text messages, the first one being sent after a few minutes of abandoning the cart, the second one after a few hours, and finally, the last one is sent a day or two after the cart abandonment. The second and the third message usually offer a discount on the products the visitor wanted to buy.

Once the receiver of the text message clicks on the link, they are redirected to the checkout page with all their data already pre-populated, the content of the cart restored and, if a discount has been added in the message, a discount automatically applied.

This way you optimize your abandoned cart recovery to its full potential, not losing any time for the visitor to complete their purchase.

Want to read more about abandoned cart text messaging statistics? Read our article Abandoned cart text message statistics.

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