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New CartBoss feature – Brands

Text messages are proven to give the best results out of any other marketing channels to date. With CartBoss, you do not have to do anything besides just connect your sites and activate the messages you want to send – and that is it. But, to further optimize your CartBoss results, we have added a new feature that gives you the possibility to get results up to 30% higher!

This feature is called Brands. It is a premium feature that we have been testing if it does affect the results for more than six months. More about this feature in the article!

What you get with Brands

Adding a Brand to your CartBoss account gives you two main features – a Custom Sender ID and custom links in the text messages.

The features that increase conversions are the first two features.

The Custom Sender ID changes the default sender name CartBoss to your own, and the custom link/domain in the message replaces the default shortened links from to the domain you set up.

The messages you send to your visitors/customers are completely personalized as you wish. They represent you and your brand entirely, and there is no sign of CartBoss at any point. That is why we decided to name this feature “Brands.”

Why are the results so much better?

Using our CartBoss Brand feature has been tested for more than six months on a few of our users that send out larger amounts of text messages to compare the results before and after. We wanted to see if there are any benefits to using these three additional features before offering them to all of our users.

Based on the results, we found is that activating this feature grows your results up to 30%!

Based on the interviews and research we did with our customers for whom we offered this feature as testing, we found one main reason for this: The recipients of the messages do not always trust the sender and do not understand why they received a text message from CartBoss. Even though it is written inside the text message from what site they received the message, this does affect the user experience. And the same goes for the text messages; recipients do not know/understand that they will be redirected to another site once they click on the shortened link.

Some brands explained that before activating the Brands feature, they got questions from their customers if they perhaps got a computer/phone virus as they got a text message from CartBoss. As this was a bit concerning, we realized that this feature might be helpful for some E-commerce companies – especially for the ones that have a devoted following.

To sum up – the main reason to activate the Brands feature from CartBoss is to get more trust from the recipients of the text messages and grow brand awareness. And this gives you 30% better results!

Process of adding a Brand

We at CartBoss have always been focused on simplicity of use and as much automation as possible. Adding a new brand does demand manual confirmation to avoid various phishing schemes with fake names from other companies. That is why we need to manually check each new brand request and check the company information and their connected websites. Only after that can we register the Custom Sender ID in every country where we offer sending – and then we have to wait for it to be confirmed, which usually takes a day or two.

The only limitation with Custom Sender IDs is that they are not available in only a few countries (1-2). A rare number of countries have additional costs related to opening a Custom Sender Id in that country. But other than that, once confirmed, we automatically activate the set Custom Sender ID in all countries that it is possible.

Because the links in the text messages are also customized/changed to your brand, there are some manual changes also needed from your side. Additional information must be added to the domain name records, but this is a process that either the hosting company, developer, or the domain registry company does for you. This is a simple and straightforward process, and once at this point, we send the instructions and even offer free support – which is honestly not needed as it is that simple.

Limitations for adding a Brand

As mentioned before, we do need to confirm each new brand manually to prevent the possibility of phishing attacks. This is a fast process and does not take more than a few days after a new brand has been requested.

To explain why this needs to be done: A user can set up a CartBoss account with a website that looks identical to a bank website to log in. That user then decides to send text messages to phone numbers with a Custom Sender ID with the name of that bank, telling them that they need to reenter their username and password. Because they would receive a text message where they would think that this specific bank sent them a message, they would trust the site and do just that. But, as the site would be fake, this particular user would steal their login credentials and use them in an illegal manner.

To prevent situations like the one mentioned above, even though it is far-fetched, we must manually confirm each new Brand. The legitimacy of the Custom Sender ID is the only limitation of this feature.

Registering a new Brand takes roughly 1-3 working days. Although the confirmation of the Custom Sender ID is quick, it does need to be registered in every country. This means that we at CartBoss need to request the Sender name in each country where the user needs it and wait so that that country activates it. That is why it takes a few days to go through.

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