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CartBoss – Simple website text messaging integration

Text messages are a simple and effective way of contacting your leads, subscribers, and customers. Open rates of text messages are over 90% and click-through rates are as high as 55%. So why would you not include them in your marketing channels?

Text messages can be used just like emails are – you can send abandoned cart text messages, after-purchase messages, newsletters, and customer win-back messages. The difference is in the statistics which are considerably better with text messages. You can read more about text messaging statistics at the following link: Text messaging statistics for marketing.

The main problem with integrating text messages with websites is that there is no out-of-the-box solution and you have to put in the time, effort, and resources in order to have everything working. Do not forget that you have to write all the texts, translate them and make everything work seamlessly with your website.

Simple website text messaging integration offers fast and simple text message integration with your websites. We developed a plugin for WordPress websites as well as Shopify, that you can install on your website in a matter of minutes.  After installing, you connect the site with the CartBoss service via the provided API key from the dashboard and that is it. Your website is now connected and you can control which messages you want to send from the dashboard.

All the different text messages are already prepared and translated into 15 languages so that anybody that should get a text message receives it in their own language. The only thing that needs to be done is selecting which messages you want to send and for which websites/countries the automation should be used. You do not need to set separate text messaging automation/funnel for each website/country – you just decide for which countries the selected text message is sent.

You can always test out different text messages you want to send, set multiple text messages with time delays between them, and set discounts.

What kind of text messages does Cart Boss send?

Cart Boss currently supports abandoned cart text messages but we are already in the development phases for the customer win-back text messages and after-purchase text messages. We will also offer newsletter subscriptions in the near future.

Each type of text message offers different texts in the message. We have tested multiple texts and kept only the best-performing ones. Once set, you can leave everything on autopilot and just check the statistics in the dashboard.

Cart Boss features for better conversions

In order for you to save time configuring text messaging funnels, we have tested a number of different texts beforehand and kept only the best-performing ones. You can choose between 4 different text messages for each type of message you can send. The number of consecutive text messages is limitless.

To optimize text message conversions we have built some useful time-saving features for your online visitors as well. To save time, the checkout fields are automatically filled out with their information that the visitors have previously provided. If they correct their information it gets updated so that they have the correct data saved for future visits to the site.

The discounts that you send them via text messages also get automatically applied – no more need for them to remember the discount code and write it in the coupon code box. In addition, a popup can also be shown when they first enter the site which notifies them that a discount has automatically been applied to their order.

To see a complete list of our Cart Boss features you can check them out here: Cart Boss Features.

How do different types of text messages work?

Abandoned cart text messages

Abandoned cart text messages work exactly like abandoned cart emails. If a customer gets to the checkout page where they enter their details and then leave without completing the order that is considered an abandoned cart. For Cart Boss abandoned cart to work, the visitor must provide at least their phone number in the correct checkout field.
Because they did not complete the order they will automatically be put in the sequence of text messages for abandoned carts that you have set up in the Cart Boss dashboard.

Although you can set as many text messages as you want, the optimal number is between 2 and 4. Of course, when they complete the order, the customer will no longer be receiving abandoned cart text messages if there are more set up in the funnel.

You can set different discounts in the text message so that when somebody clicks on the link in the message they automatically get an offer. Not only does the discount/coupon code get automatically applied – so that they do not need to write it in separately – but they can also get notified about it via a popup on the site. The popup can be edited from within the Cart Boss plugin on the website.

In addition, to save time recovering the order, all the user data on the checkout page is auto-populated. They do not need to write in their phone number, email address, location, or other information again.

Customer win-back text messages

These types of text messages are usually sent a week to three weeks after completing a purchase on your website. They are meant to remind your customers about your brand (brand recognition) and for upselling different products.

Like with the abandoned cart text messages, discounts will be automatically applied, a popup notification for the added discount can be shown, and the input fields on the checkout page will be automatically filled out.

The difference between abandoned cart text messages and customer win-back text messages is that with the latter you send the customers directly to the homepage of the website, where they can freely check your site and see if they find something interesting for them (a product or a service).

After-purchase text messages

After-purchase upsells are one of the most talked-about upsell methods for e-commerce. With text messages sending upsells you get in direct contact with customers just a few minutes after they have completed their initial purchase. Not only that but you can also send them multiple text messages, each containing different products and different discounts. The options are almost limitless.

More about Post-Purchase text messages in the following article: Post-Purchase text messages.

Real-time statistics

The Cart Boss dashboard offers a simple interface where you can see the statistics of each text message and website.

On the main page of the dashboard, you can see the revenue generated from all the text messages, your text messages ROI, the number of carts you recovered via Cart Boss, and your overall click-through rate is. From the graphs, you can see how much daily revenue text messages have generated for you.

For more in-depth results CartBoss generates with only abandoned cart text messages, check out the article Abandoned cart text message statistics.

At the bottom, you can find all the websites that you have connected with Cart Boss. You can see the revenue that Cart Boss generated for each site, their ROI, and the average CTR.

Additional information for each text message and website can be found by going to the Messages or Websites link on the left side of the dashboard. There you can see which message is set, the time delay, the amount of discount it offers, on which sites it is activated, how many messages have been sent, and much more.

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