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What kind of online shops benefit from text messages

Can all eCommerce businesses take advantage of text messages in their marketing campaigns? What stores are the most appropriate ones to benefit from text messages?

In one of the previous articles, we discussed alternative ways of using text messages for their business.

That article was mainly for more alternative eCommerce businesses.

In this article, we will take a look at some different online shops that profit the most from the use of text messages.

Lower-priced product webshops

Online shops that sell low-priced products usually target impulsive buyers. The buyers that saw the ad clicked on the link and spontaneously decided to buy it.

The problem with this kind of website visitors to these websites is that the drop rate on the checkout is higher than average. In other terms, the rate of cart abandonment is higher than at other sites.

Companies have started sending emails and text messages to people who abandoned their shopping carts to tackle this problem. The usual way of achieving this is by offering a special discount or free shipping. The best way to do this is by using text messages, which perform more than 20 times better.

Online clothing stores

Shirts, sweaters, socks,… you name it. Different sizes, colors, styles,… A multitude of options where customers can find the perfect dress for them.

Usually, these kinds of online shops offer excellent support since they receive a large number of questions and calls daily. Whether it is about the delivery time, payment problems, or quality of the received product – the support team has to be there for your customers.

There is one thing where online clothing stores differentiate – they usually have a lot of recurring customers. Once a customer buys for the first time on your site, the chances of them returning and buying again rise noticeably.

That is why good support and quality of service are so important.

Online clothing stores, with their loyal customers, can send various Post-Purchase offers via text messages. People know and trust them, so receiving a discount is valuable to have them engaged in the store.

Also, a Win-Back campaign using text messages is an excellent way to have your customers return to your store. Sending a coupon code with a discount every month makes them remember you, which is fundamental to building a brand.

Beauty accessories

Beauty accessories can have low and high prices, so it is important to have read the previous two titles.

Online shops that sell beauty products and accessories have a high chance of recovering abandoned carts and using various marketing campaigns after the purchase with the help of Post-Purchase and Win-Back text messages.

Depending on the price range of the products, so should the text within the message be written.

Having an understanding of your customers and their wishes, so should the offers in the text messages be set.


Brands have a huge advantage over any other kind of online store. They have a large and dedicated following of fans that can’t wait to buy their newly released products.

The most important thing brands need to have set is having the same way of communication no matter the communication channel. Be consistent across all channels.

That is why it is important to write personalized text messages and not some default text where you offer a discount. Always show that you put extra effort into the whole experience of shopping with your brand.

To give a short overview of the article, brands can successfully incorporate every kind of text message as their customers want to get as interactive an experience as possible.

Large online stores

Online shops with a large selection of products usually have a lot of traffic due to the optimized SEO and the size of the whole offer.

Customer loyalty depends mainly on the demographics of the customers and the amount of advertising the company can afford.

Text messages benefit large stores just as it benefits any other store. The activated text messages, whether for recovering abandoned carts or offering additional notifications after purchase, depend on the niche of products sold on the site.

A simple solution is to test them out until enough data is available to see if it affects customer satisfaction and sales growth.

Sports shops

Selling sports equipment or supplements? How many products does the average customer buy at once? How do product reviews affect your sales?

Sports shops have loyal and repetitive customers who can’t wait to get a special offer or a discount since they are regular customers. They can also be very compulsive when sending customers notifications about special time-limited discounts. More often than not, they will stack up with the products in advance.

Even more so, often, they will browse the site, add products to their cart, and then just leave it as they were mainly window shopping. But, offering them a discount on the product in their cart or offering free shipping might do the trick.

Sports shops can greatly benefit from all kinds of text messages. The important part is listening to your customers, thinking about your customer demographics, activating the appropriate text messages, and start growing your sales on autopilot.

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