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Using text messages on more specific online stores

We have talked about alternative ways of using CartBoss for sending text messages. Still, in this article, we will focus on online shops that perhaps do not immediately see the benefits of using text messages as their marketing channel.

Some of those may include shops that sell luxury, high-priced or personal products.

No matter the products you sell online, you will benefit from the results and customer satisfaction of text messages.

Luxury products

On these websites, where luxury products are sold, sending abandoned cart recovery text messages with a discount offer is a big no-no.

An abandoned cart order would be helpful in some cases to send them a text message with a customer satisfaction survey or a message with additional information about the product, or even just contact information.

Depends on what you sell and who you sell it to!

Post-purchase text messages on sites with luxury products never up-sell a product. The only kind of text messages they send are order confirmation and delivery information text messages. Just to keep them informed that their order is on its way.

High-priced products

At first glance, this kind of online shop sounds like a luxury online shop, but this is not the case. Construction equipment, cart parts stores, furniture shops, and so on are the ones in mind in this case. Prices of these products are high yet not related to the word luxury.

A lot of people have started ordering furniture online due to convenience.

The text messages in these cases can be used for cart abandonment and post-purchase offers. Whether you are selling to the end consumer, these messages must be correctly tailored to the specific niche of customers.

Sometimes sending a link to the product catalogs might not always be the best idea if you are selling to the end consumer. Or not. You never know. The primary importance is testing out different text messages to find the perfect one for your brand.

Not to forget the post-purchase text messages for this kind of site. Any kind of additional information is great for the reassurance of the customer. Up-selling a product post-purchase might not be the best idea in this case since the previously paid order might have been quite a lot.

Therefore you might rather stick to sharing order information, delivery information, and the last text message on the day of the delivery.

In addition, to grow the brand’s name and customer satisfaction, you might want to consider also sending a text message after the delivery. You can show appreciation for being a customer and ask them if they would like to send you a review or answer a few questions in the online survey.

Online tickets

Tickets either for live or virtual events, the customers need to buy them online. And as with all other online shops, customers also abandon their shopping carts.

Sending abandoned cart text messages can have a big impact on the number of sales. Either send a discount or just send a reminder that the number of tickets is limited.

This can be done in several-day spans, always telling that there are lower and lower available tickets.

And if you sell all the tickets on the site, just stop sending the messages, and even the ones in the queue will be stopped!

Post-purchase offers? Offer an additional ticket for a friend for a small discount. Simple – and works out of the box with CartBoss.

Online classes

Using abandoned cart text messages and offering discounts is a no-brainer in this situation. That is why we will not put much emphasis on this specific example.

But, there is one more thing where text messages are extremely useful and have benefited quite a few of our users. That is, to use Post-Purchase text messages to let the customer know that today there is a new PDF file available for him – or a new video. Something. To keep them engaged in the course. To have a good experience and share the experience with other people.

Within CartBoss, you can set as many text messages as possible and define a time delay from when the “event” happened. For example: If somebody completes an order and buys it at 12:00, the delay is calculated from that time.

If you want to send a Post-Purchase text message after one day, just set the 1-day delay. And you can do this for any number of text messages.

This way, you can keep the engagement of your online students as high as possible.

Personal products

There is a multitude of products that fit into this category – from medicine, and hygiene, to even more personal products. Visitors and customers like their privacy and do not want to have random notifications on their phones all of a sudden.

Privacy here is key, so most online shops with a demographics of online visitors like this do not send text messages, only an occasional email.

But we at CartBoss have a solution for this. You can set the Custom Sender ID and the link in the message to whatever you want. Hide the main reason and just give the recipients a hint about what this is about as a secret between you and your customers.

This way, nobody that accidentally checks the phone will know what the message is intended for.

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