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Post-Purchase text messages

Special offers after purchases have been completed are a great way to grow the average order value and sell more products. Once somebody buys from your site, they have a more considerable trust towards your site so this is the best time to offer them something additional/complementary to their purchased product.

So far, Post-Purchase offers have been done with emails or directly on the site. But what about using text messages?

Using text messages instead of emails for sending Post-Purchase special offers is a more direct and personal way of getting in touch with your customers. Not only that, the recipients open them almost immediately after it has been delivered. Remember that 93% of text messages are opened under 3 minutes after they are received.

This way you have an almost instant way of retargeting your customers with post-purchase offers and can be sure that they have seen them. In addition, sending text messages gives you a broader audience of targeting as older people do not tend to open emails as often as younger people do. In fact, emails are checked around 15 times per day while phones are checked over 250 times!

What to offer with Post-Purchase text messages

Just like with emails, you can offer whatever you think of with text messages. There are no limitations to the offers you send to your customers. The only limitation is the length of the text, but that is actually a bonus as people do not like to read long texts – they just want to get to the point of a matter.

With CartBoss you have a few Post-Purchase text messages already pre-prepared and translated. These messages can be used either as a Post-Purchase offer or as a Win-Back text message – which is described in-depth in another article.

These messages offer the basic functionality of offering your customers directly to the homepage of the site where they completed the order. The offers included in these messages are fixed/percentage discounts or free shipping. Of course, you can always include your custom coupon codes, but they first need to be generated on the site and then added to the CartBoss text message.

Once the customers add products to their cart and get to the checkout page, their information is prefilled just like with abandoned cart text messages; also the special offer is also automatically applied to their cart.

Advanced Post-Purchase text message

Using Post-Purchase text messages can be far more powerful than just sending your customers to the homepage of the site where they have already purchased a product from.

A typical Post-Purchase offer usually consists of only a few products that have a special discount on them for a limited time. And the same can be done with text messages.

Here are a few examples of how you can use Post-Purchase text messages to get the most out of them:

  • Offer a specific product or a gift product
  • Offer a few different products to choose from
  • Offer to buy a special mystery product with only a click of a button

In order to implement these kinds of Post-Purchase text messages with CartBoss, you need to write your own custom text messages. In addition, you need to include links to these subpages where you offer the specific product/products on your website. Each link needs to be different per country, otherwise, all customers will get redirected to the same page.

And that is all that needs to be done. After that, you only need to activate the custom Post-Purchase text messages and you are ready to scale your orders.

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