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Optimize your marketing with text messages

Always have there been fast and simple ways in optimizing your ad spend – either by testing different ads and optimizing them or by finding alternative ways of growing your average cart value. 

There have been various attempts to push your potential customers to complete their orders with the highest value possible. It started with exit-intent popups, and these days more and more mobile visitors have become completely obsolete. 

Emails have been used in order to recover carts and send special offers, but emails get lost in spam or the promotions tab – and most people never actually read them because they get bombarded with other spam emails. In addition, a lot of people check their email every once in a while, not even on a daily basis. 

But what every person does is they check their phone. Compared to emails, which on average are checked 14 times a day, phones are viewed for new notifications more than 200 times a day. The main benefit of this is, that when a text message is scheduled to arrive at the recipient’s phone, it will almost surely be opened within minutes of receiving it. 93% of text messages actually get read within the first 3 minutes of receiving them. This way you can reach your customers at exactly the time you want. 

The solution to simply implement text messages in your marketing campaigns is called CartBoss. Read more about the simplicity of this solution here: CartBoss – Simple website text messaging integration.

Ways of optimizing your marketing with text messages

Automatically sending text message reminders and special offers to people who have abandoned their cart is the most effective way of recovering carts. Visitors can get notified or offered a special discount minutes after leaving the shop. Not only that but if the first text message didn’t work, you can always send them more with better offers

Another way of optimizing marketing is by improving the average order value. This can be done by offering a special and limited offer. One of the best times of doing this is after a successful order has already been made. A person who has already bought something on your website is more likely to buy something again. 

To get better results with abandoned cart text messages, we recommend reading our article on when to send them. Check our article: When to send abandoned cart text messages?

With the help of text messages, you can send your customers special offers either immediately after they have completed a purchase or days later. Text messages that are sent immediately after a purchase has been made are called Post-Purchase text messages. Usually, they offer a product that has a low price so that there is more chance that the recipient will buy it. 

The text messages that are sent days or even weeks later are called Win-Back messages. These usually contain a promo code (or a link to a product page) offering a discount on all purchases on the store. In a way as a thank you for being our customer. This not only grows your sales but also your brand recognition. 

Text messages are also effective in mass sending – just like email campaigns. But text message campaigns offer better results due to the high open and click-through rate. 

There really are no limits in ways of using text messages to optimize your marketing. They offer an alternative or a complementary solution to emails. And the best thing is, we developed a platform called CartBoss where all the ways of optimizing your marketing via text messages can be done in a matter of minutes

We developed plugins and offer an API so that our service for automatically sending text messages to your online visitors can be done easily and seamlessly. More about how simple CartBoss is to use here: CartBoss – Simple website text messaging integration.

Not only that but the text messages that are sent to your contacts are already prepared for you. And translated into every language where we offer sending!

The process of acquiring a contact is done automatically – the information is contained from the checkout form and if consent is given, this person can get various text messages that you have activated in your CartBoss dashboard. Everything runs on autopilot. Once you set it up you can easily forget about it and enjoy the results. 

CartBoss will optimize your marketing with text messages on autopilot! And you can set it up in a matter of minutes. So why not try it out!

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