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Different uses of text messages in eCommerce

Ecommerce companies, especially the ones operating in multiple countries, use a bunch of additional services from other companies. Everywhere from marketing costs and agencies, emailing services, delivery services, development services, and so on.

All of these services cost companies a lot of money on a monthly basis. But what services does an Ecommerce company use in combination with text messages? Although not yet that widely used, using text messages to communicate with your customers is used quite often in some countries, especially regarding brands.

How do these Ecommerce companies use text messages, and in what situations? There must be a reason and a benefit for them to start using them more and more – the trend of implementing text messages as a marketing channel is rapidly growing.

So, how and when do Ecommerce companies use text messages?

1. Recovering abandoned carts

A no-brainer, especially since CartBoss makes this as simple as it gets. Connect your site and start recovering abandoned carts with text messages in under 5 minutes.

Everything is already prepared – you literally do not have to do anything. The text messages are already prepared and translated, the coupon codes are automatically generated and deleted, and the language of the recipient is automatically detected.

Recovering abandoned carts with text messages generates amazing results2400% ROI and CTR up to 40%. No other marketing channel can generate those kinds of results.

2. Using them for Win-Back campaigns

This use is perfect for brands with a strong customer bond – if the customer is devoted to the brand, receiving a random discount on the phone from his favorite brand makes them convert into a new customer is extremely high – in some cases, as high as 40%.

Win-Back text messages are usually sent every few weeks or every month. They are not meant to be sent regularly as the recipients might find them too frequent.

In addition, it is best to cycle different content in the messages so that you don’t send the same one each month.

3. Offering Post-Purchase offers

Almost the same as Win-Back text messages, Post-Purchase text messages are sent after a successful purchase, but they are sent as fast as possible after the order has been completed. It is meant for an additional impulsive buy, and these customers are the most susceptible at this point.

Even so, some users do have more than just one or two Post-Purchase messages activated – they have several. One immediately after the purchase, the second one after about an hour, and the third one the next day.

All of these messages are supported by CartBoss and work out of the box, so don’t worry; we have you covered!

4. Sending SMS campaigns

Notifying your customers and offering them special offers, pre-released products, discount codes, and more can have great results as most people love receiving notifications from the brands they follow.

With SMS campaigns, you can get in touch with your customers immediately and see the results quickly. That is mainly due to the fast open rate of the text messages – almost 93% of text messages get opened in under 3 minutes.

5. Keeping in touch

Staying in touch with your customers is great for building a well-established brand name. Text messaging can be used to keep in touch with your customers by adding a new Win-Back text message, letting them know that you are welcome for their purchase.

6. Delivery information

One of the crucial parts of any E-commerce business is delivery; when orders do not get claimed, you lose money – the main reason for that is the Cash delivery method – with it, customers pay for the product upon arrival of the postal service. But if they do not pay for it, the package will be returned.

Optimizing the number of claimed packages affects your results and can be easily optimized with the help of text messages.

Companies that offer delivery services have this feature already developed and can be easily implemented in any online shop. The customers are happy because they get notified and can also plan when to be home to claim the package and pay for it.

7. Order confirmation

Although this feature is not that popular and is mainly used in the food delivery service, it can be a vital part of the business operation.

With order confirmation text messages, you can share vital information about the payment method, bank information, delivery time, and order number,… The list goes on, and each company must find its own reasons to activate these types of text messages.

We can not share any information about the results these kinds of text messages bring as there is not yet enough data. Still, more and more companies that do find a solid reason for this kind of text message, they most definitely get the results they want.

8. App download notification

Have an app and want your customers and visitors to download it on their phones? Well, there is no better way than send them the link directly to the app in the app store.

That is it. They receive the text message immediately after they enter their phone number. And downloading the app requires just 2 clicks – that is it.

This is one of the easiest ways to offer your customers to get the link to download the app you want to share with them.

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