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Be personal – write your custom text messages.

After registering at CartBoss, you will see that text messages are already prepared. But not only that but they are also translated into all the languages we offer sending to.

This is great for companies that want to start recovering abandoned carts, and offering post-purchase offers, is a perfect fit! A plug-and-play solution where you can start sending text messages in under 5 minutes.

One feature that some of our users like to test out is writing custom text messages. We advise all of our users to test if their messages will convert better. It is simple to add a custom text message and add the translations.

Why test your own messages?

We can’t say if your personally written text messages will perform better than ours, but the main goal is to test what works better. Some brands that use CartBoss have seen a noticeable increase in conversions after writing their own, more personalized ones.

Still, this does not need to be the case for everyone. In addition, writing a good message and then translating it takes time and money. But it might be worth it.

Brands that send text messages with a personally written message perform better because the recipients don’t want to receive just a basic message but like them to be more personalized.
Not only do you grow conversion rates that way, but you also build a brand name.

How to add a new custom text message?

Adding new custom text messages is simple and fast. First, you need to know what kind of text message it will be – for what purpose it will be used. For example, it will be used as an abandoned cart recovery text message, then click on the appropriate text message type in the left menu.

After that, click on the top left button where it says “Add new”.

That is it; here, a custom text message can be prepared. All the settings are there, and you can customize it any way you like. The same settings are available, just as with the pre-prepared text messages.

Adding the translations

The first page, where you add the custom text message, serves as a default text. If you do not have the translation for a specific country where a text message should be sent, it will send the default one.

To add the individual translations – add the ones you need; there is no need to add them for all languages – click on the translations tab and select the language you have the translation for. That is it.

You can add as many translations as you want on the same screen – as long as we support sending text messages in that country.

Do not forget to save the translation after you are done!

Activating the custom text message

After a custom text message has been prepared, translated, and checked, it can be activated. You can find the custom-made text message on the previous screen, with a list of all the text messages prepared for abandoned cart recovery.

All that needs to be done is to activate it.

Double-check so there aren’t any other text messages set for this website simultaneously.

Monitor the results

After activating your custom text message and leaving it running for a while, it is time to see the results it brought – compared to the previously active text messages.

When comparing results, it is quite easy to see which one performs better based on the CTR and ROI.

The results will speak for themselves, and you can always, at any time, change what text messages you want to send out.

Holiday season

A great idea is to customize the content of your text messages based on the holidays a specific country in which you send text messages is celebrating.

Customizing the content to be time-appropriate based on the events that are going on can have an amazing impact on conversion rates. A typical example would be the Christmas holidays, Black Friday, and New Years’ eve.

Ecommerce sites have increased sales by up to 30% at special events like this.

We have even prepared a list of the most important dates/events for E-commerce companies.
The list is available on the following link: Most important Ecommerce dates.

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