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7 ways to optimize your websites checkout process

Getting your visitors from the ads they see online, either through Facebook, Instagram, or Google, is a costly process that every E-commerce company owner knows. If the ad they see grabs their attention they check the product page and if the presentation of the product is successful, visitors will add the product to their cart. But what then?

In order to optimize the conversion rate and the cart value, there are some useful steps and upsell methods used in order to do so. In this article, we will check some of the most popular features that successful online stores use in order to make their ROAS as best as possible.

1. Redirect to the checkout page

The first feature on this list is also the simplest to implement on the website. When visitors add the product to their cart, one of the best ways to make them complete their order is by redirecting them directly to the checkout.

This feature is not useful for every online shop as some shops have an average order count of more than just one. So this feature is something to think about before implementing it on your site. But there are quite of few pros to redirecting customers directly to the checkout page. For one, users do not get lost after adding the product to their cart. In addition, they also get an instant incentive to enter their personal information on the checkout page as they are already there.

2. Minimize your checkout form

When customers get to the checkout page it is important to have as least distractions as possible. The main goal is for them to complete the checkout process. This is why the top menu and footer on this page should be minimalized or even removed. With all the distractions removed visitors can focus on what is most important – completing their order.

Orders must be able to be completed without the need to register and the checkout form should demand as least information. In addition, the fields for the phone number and email address should be located at the top of the form so that this information is entered first. In case they abandon their cart, this data is entered and you have the option to remarket them via various marketing channels – which will be discussed later in this article.

To get a better understanding of why your online customers abandon their carts we recommend reading the following article: 5 reasons why customers abandon their carts.

3. No hidden costs

One of the main reasons why customers abandon their carts is due to additional costs regarding the completion of their order. This includes shipping costs, taxes, and payment method fees. When ordering a product with a low value these costs can represent a 10% – 20% increase in the final costs which can drastically affect the conversion rates on the checkout.

For this reason, it is best to have an offer completing the checkout process for the same price as is the price of the product – with no additional fees added if somebody wants to complete their order.

This does not mean that there can not be options that increase the order value – for example, offering an express shipping option for an additional fee is completely acceptable, but it can be presented as an option, not as a cost one can not avoid.

4. Offer additional upsells

To grow your average order value you can always offer additional products, services, or special offers at the checkout. Just like offering express shipping, which will increase the order value, you can offer your customers a surprise gift, additional delivery tracking, gift wrapping, and many other offers that are suitable for your store.

The adding of the upsells to the cart should be simple, with a click of a button or a checkbox, and should work as fast as possible, not making the visitor wait.

5. Recover abandoned carts

More than 80% of visitors that get to the checkout page abandoned their cart. This means that they leave the checkout process without finishing their order even though they decided to add the product to their cart.

When doing so, they have a product with most of their information just waiting there to be completed, and to click on the “Complete your order button”. To recover abandoned carts, usually abandoned cart emails were used. But emails have a low open rate and an even lower click-through care. Most of them have a CTR of 3%. To check a detailed comparison between Emails and text messages we wrote an in-depth article “Text messages vs Emails – Which is more effective?“. With the use of text messages, which is the go-to marketing/communication channel CartBoss uses, the open rate for abandoned cart text messages is 99% and the CTR is over 37%, optimizing your abandoned cart recovery can be done with a click of a button – just connect your sites and start recovering.

To read more on how to recover abandoned carts with text messages check out this article: Recover abandoned carts with text messages.

6. Ofer post-purchase upsells

To optimize your ROAS one of the important aspects of sales is offering Post-Purchase offers. This can be done either immediately after a sale has been made or days or even weeks later.

Offering immediate post-purchase upsells is usually done on the website, offering complementary products or even a selection of warriors’ different products. Bit when it comes to offering additional offers after the visitor leaves the site, emails have so far been the tool of the trait. But, as mentioned previously, they have a low open rate and an even worse CTR. That is why text messages are the way to go.

Read more about Post-Purchase text messages in the following article: Post-Purchase text messages.

7. Keep in contact with your customers

After somebody has completed an order on your site and received the product the likelihood of them trusting your site and buying from it again grows drastically. That is especially the case with brands. Therefore it is important to keep in contact with your customers. There are various ways how to do that. The best way is to combine multiple different channels so that you grow your brand awareness and optimize the deliverability of the message/offer you want to advertise.

Doing this is usually called a “Win-Back” solution and CartBoss offers text messages that do just that! A great article on this types of text messages is available on the following link: Customer Win-Back text messages.

There are several ways to interact with your customers – more on this in our article How to interact with your website visitors.

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