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7 amazing Abandoned cart recovery text messages ideas

Thinking about what to offer your customers with Abandoned cart recovery text messages with CartBoss? We prepared a few simple-to-implement ideas so that you can start recovering abandoned carts today!

Some ideas might require additional customizations on your website but are minor tasks, so don’t worry! And our support team is always ready to help you and answer all your questions!

1. Free shipping

Free shipping, you say? This is one of the biggest factors affecting the abandoned cart rate. Setting this option up in your text messages is the simplest possible – CartBoss already offers this feature and works out of the box for WooCoomerce and Shopify.

Just activate the appropriate pre-prepared text messages or write your own and select the discount type “Free delivery”. Simple as that – that is why we constantly say that CartBoss is the simplest text messaging solution out there!

2. Discount

A simple yet effective offer that will never get out of fashion. It just works. Again, testing is important if this is one of the reasons or, better yet, the solution that gives the best results in abandoned cart recovery! The reason is that recovering abandoned carts by offering free shipping might bring you better results.

Testing different offers is important as you never know which one and in which country will bring you better results.

3. Offer a free gift

It feels great receiving something for free, but the idea of getting something for free, but you don’t know what you get makes a person extremely curious.

This solution can not only get more recovered orders, but it can also help you reduce dead stock.

This feature must be done in a way that a custom coupon code is generated on the website that offers this functionality. Once done, the custom coupon code must be added in the CartBoss dashboard, where you select the type of discount.

This is important so that the coupon code is automatically applied to the recipient’s cart and that they do not need to manually enter it. We recommend doing this for any kind of custom text messages as it optimizes coupon use and overall conversion rates.

4. Free Cash on delivery

Does your store have a lot of completed orders with the Cash on delivery payment method? This is an especially popular option in the EU. Most eCommerce sites offer this kind of payment method for an additional fee due to the rate of packages that were not collected.

This is one o the features that do require some monitoring as it is important to have the calculations for the profit margins and the rate of uncollected packages in order to maintain a profitable deliverability solution.

But in the end, the results are what matters, and that can be easily seen in your CartBoss dashboard or in your Google Analytics account.

5. Discount on any other product in store

You always have the option to say: “Didn’t like this product? Interested in something else? Check here: LINK”.

A simple solution for the picky customer.

Or better yet – offer a discount if you add one of these products to the cart along with your existing product.

The way this idea is implemented and used in various types of websites varies, so this idea can only be presented – a dedicated article on this subject will be posted in time.

6. Offer support

Sometimes your customers are not sure if this is the correct product to buy, so they rather leave the site to do a bit more research on it and then buy it – somewhere, depending on the ads shown online.

Sending a text message as support in the way of offering them to call you and get additional information about the product or getting in contact with you via email is mainly used when selling more expensive products or products that need additional information.

Upselling this way gives you a great way to generate leads that you can use later on for any other type of promotion.

7. Send a survey

Want to optimize your website for the best user experience? Know if your offer is too limited? Overall, do you want to know why people abandon their shopping carts or just leave your site?

Ask them with a text message! Send them a link where they can answer your specific questions that will help you get lower abandoned cart rates.

With the results, answers, and comments, you can make changes to your site and offer so that you will benefit from them in the long run.

These types of text messages are extremely beneficial for long-term customer satisfaction and optimized sales results.

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