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10 simple ways to optimize your marketing spend

Any marketing campaign aims to get the best return on investment. In the end, the marketing costs are and will be there, but getting the best results possible, using some simple methods can greatly improve your marketing results and thus your ROI.

Optimizing your open rate and click-through rate is crucial, but that is something that is done and optimized by the marketing team. Optimizing the results from that point on is a thing of the website settings.

This article describes different methods on how to optimize your website and add additional features that will benefit your goals.

1. Up-Sell Products

This can be done both on the website itself and with different marketing channels like text messages.

There can be various Up-Sell functionalities built-in on the site itself. Some of them are just showing related products. Others offer an additional fee for gift wrapping. The possibilities are limitless.

As simple as it sounds, a lot of companies do not even use text messaging in their marketing campaigns – over 33% of them. Additionally, successfully doing this could be a bit tricky, depending on the type of E-Commerce business you are.

The solution is CartBoss, as it offers pre-prepared and translated text messages, just ready to start recovering abandoned carts and offering post-purchase offers.

2. Optimize your checkout process

It might be that the checkout you currently have is just not modern enough for the new-age group of your online customers.

Not only is completing an order as a guest a standard practice, but the complete checkout screen is usually as plain as it gets with as least distractions as possible.

Offering enough different payment methods and delivery options makes a checkout completely suitable to start completing orders.

One, perhaps a bit completely logical, is to give your visitors a simple way of seeing that they have products in their cart and offer a simple way of completing their order.

Having a professional Shopify agency is also a great way to get your Shopify checkout completely optimized.

3. Recover abandoned carts with text messages

Recovering abandoned carts with text messages is the best way to do it! The results are amazing, and the solution is CartBoss. CartBoss has everything already prepared out of the box – it is a Plug and Play solution, generating results up to 7400% ROI!

Nicknamed “A no brainer solution”, CartBoss is the go-to solution for using text messages in E-Commerce. Integrating into any WooCommerce or Shopify stores is simple, and you can start recovering abandoned carts within minutes.

Recovering abandoned carts with text messages gives E-commerce businesses to get in contact with customers within minutes of abandoning the cart. With the open rate of up to 93% open rate within the first 3 minutes, you can be almost certain that the recipient will see the text message just a few minutes after he has abandoned his cart.

Offering a discount on the product can have a high converting effect!

4. Recover abandoned carts with emails

Emails are still being used as a marketing channel, even though the results have been getting lower each year.

With an open rate of up to 20% and a CTR of under 3%, emails can not compete with text messages. More about the comparison o these two marketing channels in this article: Text messages vs. Emails.

Still, they are used as many online stores think that implementing text messages into their website is difficult. That is not the case with CartBoss! The integration is done in under a minute.

5. Re-targeting

Re-targeting visitors and customers via social networking sites lower your costs of customer acquisition. It is not as direct and time exact an option as text messages, but it does produce results.

The most popular re-targeting channels are Google and Facebook, where most of the E-commerce companies advertise.

6. Optimize package deliverability

Receiving the bought product, especially if the selected payment method is Cash on delivery, is crucial for the customers’ satisfaction and package collection percentage.

In addition, showing the estimated delivery date on the checkout can greatly increase the chances of conversion. It gives to customers a sense of knowledge and calmness, knowing that they will receive the package on a specific date.

Even more so, a lot of delivery companies have implemented text messages to contact the recipients of the package via text messages so that they can make sure to be home and prepared to collect the package.

7. Lower the number of unclaimed packages

Although previously mentioned, the rate of claimed or unclaimed packages is an important factor in the E-commerce business.

This rate should be as low as possible; every order not claimed costs money. This can only happen if the payment method offered on the site is Cash on delivery. With other payment methods, the E-commerce company already has the payment of the package. It is on the customer’s side now to collect the package.

That is why more and more online stores have stopped offering Cash on delivery as a payment method or added an additional fee if selected.

8. Post-Purchase offers

Right after a customer completes their online purchase, they are extremely likely to add something to their order – if the product is complementary enough and if is cheap enough.

This feature is usually part of the website, as everything is done immediately without specific site redirects.

Post-Purchase offers can be implemented with text messages and emails. Any way of offering Post-Purchase offers is a great way of optimizing your marketing spend. Most importantly – test what works for you!

9. Newsletter and special offer campaigns

This is especially useful for brands as they have a strong social following. Recipients are glad to be part of the story and follow the brand to see what new they have to offer.

Staying in contact with them via email and sending them special offers via text messages makes your brand constantly connected with your followers, which is what is most important. Once the brand starts getting recognition, it is vital to keep the ball rolling.

10. Gifts and Surprise products

Offering a free gift to complete the order or upselling a surprise product for a low price directly at the checkout – are both great options to persuade your customers to complete their order and ever grow the average order value.

Both solutions are great for optimizing your ROAS. The first makes more customers complete their order, and the second grows the average order value. What more can you wish for?

Both features are simple to implement, and many solutions are already available to implement immediately on your site.

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