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Text messaging statistics

Text messages vs Emails – Which is more effective?

Ecommerce businesses have been using email marketing for years and it has come to a point where our email inboxes are daily flooded with numbers of various special offers from stores where we once bought. In order for emails to stand out, they have emojis

When to send abandoned cart text messages?

Text messages offer a significant advantage over any other marketing or remarketing channel out there. Most text messages get read in under 3 minutes after receiving them. Thus you get in direct contact with your customers who have just abandoned their cart in just minutes

Interesting text message statistics for Ecommerce

Text messages offer a new marketing channel that has been growing in popularity in the past years and delivers results that are superior to any current technology on the market. The volume of text messages has grown by 40% in 2021 and online retailers have

Abandoned cart text message statistics

An abandoned cart is when a visitor of the website ads items to their cart and then leaves the site. The checkout page is where almost 75% of visitors leave the site. That is why the majority of e-commerce companies put the most effort into

Text messaging statistics for marketing

Companies are testing different ways of getting as much bang for their buck from their marketing campaigns as possible, trying out various marketing channels. One of the best ways of optimizing your marketing budget is by using text messaging. You get in direct contact with
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