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Post-Purchase offers

Be personal – write your custom text messages.

After registering at CartBoss, you will see that text messages are already prepared. But not only that but they are also translated into all the languages we offer sending to. This is great for companies that want to start recovering abandoned carts, and offering post-purchase

Using CartBoss as a brand

There are different E-commerce businesses that use CartBoss to optimize their marketing results. From small businesses to large brands, every site benefits from our solution. But we are not focusing on the company's size in this article but on the type - some companies have

When to send Post-Purchase text messages?

Post-Purchase offers are given to online customers as soon as possible after they complete their purchase. These offers can be shown either on the site, via email, or by text message. The idea behind them is simple - offer a complementary product with a significant

Post-Purchase text messages

Special offers after purchases have been completed are a great way to grow the average order value and sell more products. Once somebody buys from your site, they have a more considerable trust towards your site so this is the best time to offer them

Customer Win-Back text messages

First time hearing the term Win-back text message? Then you are reading the right article! We will describe in-depth what these types of messages are, when to send them and how to implement them in your marketing campaigns. But first, just a quick explanation of
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