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Alternative ways of using CartBoss

CartBoss can be used in many ways, even though we currently offer only abandoned cart recovery and post-purchase text messages. With a little imagination, your creativity is the only limitation stopping you from integrating text messages in your marketing campaigns due to the time delay

New CartBoss feature – Emojis :)

A long-awaited feature - the option to send emojis in your text messages! We finally have to offer the full range of emojis in any type of text message we at CartBoss offer. What are Emojis? An emoji is a pictogram or smiley embedded in

New CartBoss feature – Brands

Text messages are proven to give the best results out of any other marketing channels to date. With CartBoss, you do not have to do anything besides just connect your sites and activate the messages you want to send - and that is it. But,

Using CartBoss as a brand

There are different E-commerce businesses that use CartBoss to optimize their marketing results. From small businesses to large brands, every site benefits from our solution. But we are not focusing on the company's size in this article but on the type - some companies have

Most important Ecommerce dates

Every year there are events, holidays, and special occasions celebrated by the masses. People go on holidays, buy gifts, spend time with the family, and visit their relatives,... And on these days, Ecommerce companies usually get more orders than usual. Sometimes even record breaking numbers.

CartBoss – new feature available

We are constantly thriving to offer new features to our customers as we get a lot of new demands daily. We have been adding them as fast as possible, and we will be expanding our solution to optimize your marketing results with the help of

10 reasons why you should include text messages in your marketing

Text messages are one of the best-performing marketing channels out there. Either for recovering abandoned carts, offering after-purchase upsells, or just for sending text messages to all existing customers and notifying them about your special offers.  Why are text messages so useful in marketing and

3 amazing Cart Boss features you didn’t know about

Cart Boss is a text messaging service that is focused on optimizing online conversions. The main goal of our service is to save you time and money. We have already tested a number of text messages and prepared and translated the best-performing ones into all

Woocommerce and text messages

Woocommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress used on more than 28% of all online shops. It offers fast and simple customization and integration with other services. Some of these services include email marketing/newsletter integration and various upsell services for sending abandoned cart emails.
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