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Be personal – write your custom text messages.

After registering at CartBoss, you will see that text messages are already prepared. But not only that but they are also translated into all the languages we offer sending to. This is great for companies that want to start recovering abandoned carts, and offering post-purchase

Challanges Ecommerce companies face

eCommerce has become increasingly saturated with online shops competing against each other based on a few percentage differences in profit. With that, the marketing cost and the costs of achieving a sale are getting higher. These are just a few challenges Ecommerce companies are dealing

Using CartBoss as a brand

There are different E-commerce businesses that use CartBoss to optimize their marketing results. From small businesses to large brands, every site benefits from our solution. But we are not focusing on the company's size in this article but on the type - some companies have

Different uses of text messages in eCommerce

Ecommerce companies, especially the ones operating in multiple countries, use a bunch of additional services from other companies. Everywhere from marketing costs and agencies, emailing services, delivery services, development services, and so on. All of these services cost companies a lot of money on a

7 ways to optimize your websites checkout process

Getting your visitors from the ads they see online, either through Facebook, Instagram, or Google, is a costly process that every E-commerce company owner knows. If the ad they see grabs their attention they check the product page and if the presentation of the product

Text messages vs Emails – Which is more effective?

Ecommerce businesses have been using email marketing for years and it has come to a point where our email inboxes are daily flooded with numbers of various special offers from stores where we once bought. In order for emails to stand out, they have emojis

When to send abandoned cart text messages?

Text messages offer a significant advantage over any other marketing or remarketing channel out there. Most text messages get read in under 3 minutes after receiving them. Thus you get in direct contact with your customers who have just abandoned their cart in just minutes

How to interact with your website visitors

Offering support to your online visitors is crucial in order to increase conversions, grow your brand and show that you are a legitimate site. Visitors can quickly get discouraged or lose interest in finding answers to their questions on your website. That is why it
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