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Abandoned cart

Best text messaging service for WooCommerce

Text messages have been growing in popularity with online shops. They are being used in order to optimize marketing and grow brand awareness. But there can be many barriers in the way before your online shops start using them. Not with CartBoss. CartBoss is a

Scale Your Store with SMS Marketing

Wondering how to grow your store’s revenue? Want to do so without more investments into influencer posts, new creatives and risky ad spend? This article is right what you need. Paid ads on social media are great and they work fabulously until one day everything

Optimize your checkout for better conversions

Checkout pages account for around 75% drop of visitors. This means that three-quarters of all your visitors that reach the checkout page will abandon their purchase. Optimizing your checkout page is crucial in getting these percentages as low as possible. In order to optimize your

Recover abandoned carts with text messages

Abandoned carts are one of the biggest challenges e-commerce is facing. Around 80% of online shoppers abandon their shopping cart and leave the website. Let’s compare different devices: of all people who shop on their phones 81% abandon their cart; around 77% of tablet users
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