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Abandoned cart

Best WooCommerce checkout plugins

As an e-commerce store owner, optimizing your WooCommerce checkout page is crucial to drive more conversions and increase your average order value. A well-designed and streamlined checkout process can significantly reduce cart abandonment rates and provide a better user experience for your customers. Fortunately, there

Using text messages on more specific online stores

We have talked about alternative ways of using CartBoss for sending text messages. Still, in this article, we will focus on online shops that perhaps do not immediately see the benefits of using text messages as their marketing channel. Some of those may include shops

7 amazing Abandoned cart recovery text messages ideas

Thinking about what to offer your customers with Abandoned cart recovery text messages with CartBoss? We prepared a few simple-to-implement ideas so that you can start recovering abandoned carts today! Some ideas might require additional customizations on your website but are minor tasks, so don't

Be personal – write your custom text messages.

After registering at CartBoss, you will see that text messages are already prepared. But not only that but they are also translated into all the languages we offer sending to. This is great for companies that want to start recovering abandoned carts, and offering post-purchase

Using CartBoss as a brand

There are different E-commerce businesses that use CartBoss to optimize their marketing results. From small businesses to large brands, every site benefits from our solution. But we are not focusing on the company's size in this article but on the type - some companies have

5 reasons why customers abandon their carts

At CartBoss we talk a lot about abandoned carts and how to recover them with text messages. But what are the reasons abandoned carts even occur in the first place? Based on our research we gathered 5 of the main reasons why this happens. But

When to send abandoned cart text messages?

Text messages offer a significant advantage over any other marketing or remarketing channel out there. Most text messages get read in under 3 minutes after receiving them. Thus you get in direct contact with your customers who have just abandoned their cart in just minutes

WooCommerce text messaging service

WooCommerce is one of the leading E-commerce platforms today. Almost 30% of online shops use it for selling their products and offering their services. It offers a vast amount of extensions and great support from the community.  The goal of any online store is to
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