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Most important Ecommerce dates

Every year there are events, holidays, and special occasions celebrated by the masses. People go on holidays, buy gifts, spend time with the family, and visit their relatives,... And on these days, Ecommerce companies usually get more orders than usual. Sometimes even record breaking numbers.

Different uses of text messages in eCommerce

Ecommerce companies, especially the ones operating in multiple countries, use a bunch of additional services from other companies. Everywhere from marketing costs and agencies, emailing services, delivery services, development services, and so on. All of these services cost companies a lot of money on a

7 ways to optimize your websites checkout process

Getting your visitors from the ads they see online, either through Facebook, Instagram, or Google, is a costly process that every E-commerce company owner knows. If the ad they see grabs their attention they check the product page and if the presentation of the product

When to send Post-Purchase text messages?

Post-Purchase offers are given to online customers as soon as possible after they complete their purchase. These offers can be shown either on the site, via email, or by text message. The idea behind them is simple - offer a complementary product with a significant

Text messages vs Emails – Which is more effective?

Ecommerce businesses have been using email marketing for years and it has come to a point where our email inboxes are daily flooded with numbers of various special offers from stores where we once bought. In order for emails to stand out, they have emojis

5 reasons why customers abandon their carts

At CartBoss we talk a lot about abandoned carts and how to recover them with text messages. But what are the reasons abandoned carts even occur in the first place? Based on our research we gathered 5 of the main reasons why this happens. But
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