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WooCommerce text messaging service

WooCommerce is one of the leading E-commerce platforms today. Almost 30% of online shops use it for selling their products and offering their services. It offers a vast amount of extensions and great support from the community. 

The goal of any online store is to grow sales while optimizing the marketing budget. This is done in various ways. A well-known tactic in optimizing marketing results and lowering the overall ROAS is by trying to recover visitors who have abandoned their carts – visitors who have added products in their shopping basket but left the site without completing their order. If they reached the checkout page and have written in their email address, then you can try to remind them about their forgotten items by sending them various emails with notifications and special offers.

The problem with abandoned cart emails is that they go in the spam or promotions folder and are rarely opened. The solution for notifying your visitors about their left products is by sending them text messages. With an open rate of 99% and a CTR of 37%+, you stand the best chance of getting back your marketing spend. 

Integrating text messages in a website can be difficult if there is no extension available. That is why we developed a plugin that connects your WooCommerce store with our CartBoss service. The integration is completely seamless and works out of the box. Within minutes you can recover abandoned carts and much more with text messages from your WooCommerce store. 

How does CartBoss integrate into your WooCommerce store?

We developed a plugin for WordPress that is free to install from the repository. You can install it like all the other plugins. From within your WordPress dashboard, you can go to the “add new plugin” subpage and search for CartBoss. After installing and activating it you can input your API key for this specific website. The API key is retrieved from the CartBoss dashboard where you add your site. 

After connecting your website with our text messaging service you are all set and the messages start to be automatically sent. 

The CartBoss plugin seamlessly integrates with your WooCommerce store. The CartBoss plugin does not affect your WooCommerce store in any way. It only adds the functionality of saving user information. There are only a few additional optional settings offered from within the plugin. You have the option to move the phone number field to the top of the checkout form. This way you have a higher chance of your visitors entering their phone number, which you can use to retarget with text messages. More about text messages and abandoned cart statistics in the article Abandoned cart text message statistics.

The other feature the plugin offers is showing a checkbox field for collecting user consent for receiving text messages. The GDPR consent checkbox is shown under the phone input field.

Both features are optional – we do not change your WooCommerce checkout in any way. We only add functionality to it.

The CartBoss plugin also works with other plugins like WPML, pricing and discount plugins, checkout customization plugins, and after purchase upsell extensions.

Benefits of integrating text messages in your WooCommerce store

Keeping in contact with your website visitors even after they leave your site has an immense impact on the growth of your business and brand recognition. People like receiving personalized text messages from the websites they have visited. More in-depth statistics on the use of text messages in marketing are in the following article: Text messaging statistics for marketing.

You can remind them about what they forgot in their cart, send them special offers and discounts, or just thank them for being loyal customers. The possibilities are endless but the results are incomparable to any other form of automated communication. So do not waste your time and include text messages in your marketing campaigns today!

Want to see the results text messages do for abandoned carts? We wrote a whole article on this subject. Check it out here: Abandoned cart text message statistics.

Setting up text messages for your website can be done within 5 minutes with CartBoss. And everything is already prepared – the text messages and the translations. With CartBoss you can expect an average ROI of over 2400%. You literally have nothing to lose. 

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