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Using CartBoss as a brand

There are different E-commerce businesses that use CartBoss to optimize their marketing results. From small businesses to large brands, every site benefits from our solution. But we are not focusing on the company’s size in this article but on the type – some companies have multiple brands that do not focus on brand awareness, and some do. In this article, we will share the best practices for E-commerce sites with a devoted brand awareness.

More precisely, these types of companies are known by their name. They get a lot of organic traffic and direct feedback from their customers. Their name is important to them, and they do not want to jeopardize it. We have even written a Case Study about one of these companies, which you can read on the following link: Sports clothing brand SWY with 6000%+ ROI.

Once a company has reached a large social following, a social presence, and a number of devoted followers that trust its name and its actions, it is important to have a steady behavior to not lose a good reputation. And this can happen fast – just a few bad online reviews and the brand’s name can lose the reputation that it has been working on building up.

To give a better understanding; brands with a devoted following get a lot of personal emails and DM’s with people explaining their personal experiences, opinions on what they expect from them, and reviews; their followers even share their thoughts on their website and what they should fix – which is something that SWY brand noted in our Case Study with us.

The relationship between the company/brand and their customers is close, so changing the way they communicate with them or adding a new marketing channel is a massive thing as it can drastically affect their user devotion. It is reasonable that brands are worried about adding a new marketing channel to their campaigns due to this reason. That is why it is important to slowly test text messages as a new marketing channel – which is what the SWY brand did.

Customize the text messages

CartBoss has text messages already prepared and translated up-front. That is one of the main reasons why it is considered a Plug&Play solution. But we do offer creating (and adding translations) custom text messages, and online brands can benefit specifically from this feature. They can write their own text messages for any occasion/type of text message. It can be an abandoned cart notification, a Post-Purchase message, or a Win-Back offer. The possibilities are limitless.

The pre-prepared messages are generic but tested to give the best results. But with brands, it is best to have your own way of communicating with your customers/recipients the way you usually do on your site or social media.

An additional benefit of writing your custom text messages as a brand is that you can include emojis in your text messages – and that does give better results!

CartBoss does offer, by default, multilingual features. This means that even if you write a custom text message, you can add the translations. After that, no matter from where the visitor is, he will always receive the message in his language – with no additional settings needed.

Advanced customization – Brands addon

CartBoss offers the option to add a custom Brand to your account/dashboard. You can even add multiple different ones. Adding a Brand to your account gives you the option to set a Custom Sender ID, customize the links in the message to your domain and choose if you want to show a preloader before the site loads (if you believe that your site loads a bit slower than you would like).

That way, you communicate with your customers not via CartBoss but directly as a brand. This feature grew the results for some companies up to 30%. At CartBoss, we do recommend activating this feature if you are a large brand or just want to increase your conversions even more.

One of the main reasons why we recommend using this feature is because some recipients might not be sure if the received text message from CartBoss is safe to use – even though you have written in the message that is from your website. It gives a more personal touch, and recipients – especially when we are talking about brands – like that additional personal touch.

Customize the offer

As a brand, you know your customers, and you understand what they want – usually, they even express what they want directly via email or some other way. Either new products/designs additionally discounted promotions, or just random notifications about upcoming product releases. People that are devoted to a specific brand tend to stay that way and expect more and more from it – especially if the company/brand is constantly communicating with them in a way to have them hooked.

Only brands know what their followers want and expect from them, which is why it is important to customize the offers they send to them via text messages. With using default text messages from CartBoss, even as a brand, you can not go wrong – and we have proof that backs this up. But, customizing the text messages and offering a personalized offer based on the whole brand identity can give even better results and grow the brand following even further.

For example – even though you can offer your followers a discount with abandoned cart text messages and free delivery with Win-Back text messages – why not offer them a discount on only a specific category of products that you know everybody is currently interested in? Even more – not only do you give them exactly what they want and give them a more explicit explanation, but you also get rid of the products in your stock that you have the most of. It is a win-win situation!

Although this might be a bit more advanced example, a simple one would be to offer your customers/recipients of the messages free delivery. Although it sounds too easy, this is a huge reason for cart abandonment. Offering your followers free delivery via text messages is a way of communicating with them “We only want you to support our brand, not the companies that do shipping for us.” This way, you gain additional trust from your customers that you want the best for them.

Still, there are numerous other options to offer to your customers with all of the text messages we support, as you can integrate custom coupon codes into the text messages. This means that you have limitless possibilities. Whatever you think of you can offer, it will be automatically applied to the recipient’s cart. For example – you can offer a gift if they complete an order. Or, you can offer a buy one get one free option. Again, with the support of custom coupon codes, the possibilities are endless.

Test what works for you

At CartBoss, we have shared numerous articles about best practices for different types of text messages. But with brands, it is vital to test out as many options as possible to see what brings the best results and customer engagement.

This is due to the fact that brands and their followers/customers have a specific relationship and their customers expect them to communicate with them in the same way across every communication/marketing channel. This does not mean that the pre-prepared text messages will not generate great results – and we have proven this with various brands that use our solution but have only the default text messages activated.

To optimize the results the solution brings, we do recommend that brands prepare their own messages and offer to communicate with the recipients in the same way they do everywhere else.

The best way to find the perfect combination of the text in the message and sent offer is to send out various text messages (for every type of text message we support) and see which one converts the best. One of the most simple examples would be: if you send out two abandoned cart text messages, one offering a 10% discount and the other one offering free shipping, and the one that offers free shipping has significantly better results than that is the one to use and offer in other messages. It is as simple as that. Of course, it is important to compare the results of various offers and calculate which one brings the most profit to your company.

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