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Abandoned cart text messages

Recovering abandoned carts is one of the biggest challenges in eCommerce. Getting your customers to the checkout can be a daunting task – you spend money convincing them the product is a perfect fit for them and they decide to add it to the cart. But then they leave the checkout process for one reason or another. You want to recover the marketing money spent on getting them there. But how do you recover abandoned carts?

Recovering abandoned carts has since now been mainly focused on emails. But emails have a low open rate and an even worse click-through rate. That is why we at CartBoss decided to optimize the recovery of abandoned carts via text messages

Text messages have an open rate of 99% and a click-through rate of over 35%, making it a perfect solution for optimizing your recovery of abandoned carts. 

With CartBoss recovering abandoned carts works out of the box. After connecting your eCommerce site with your CartBoss account everything is ready. The only thing you need to do is choose what abandoned cart text messages you want to send and with what kind of time delay.

All the text messages are already translated into all the languages where we offer sending them and the language is detected automatically. So there really is no more work than just connecting your site and deciding what kind of text message you want to send and when. That is it.

How do abandoned cart text messages work?

Abandoned carts work in a way that our software detects all the inputs from your visitors in the checkout field and saves them. This process starts only when the visitor inputs his phone number. If the phone number is not written in the phone field, nothing happens. In addition, the phone number is checked if it is valid. If it is not, we will not try to send a text message so that you don’t lose any money. 

After the phone number is entered and if the visitor does not complete their order in a matter of a few minutes, they are considered as an abandoned visitor or cart.

This is then sent to the CartBoss system and the visitor’s phone number is sent to the funnel that you have set. Either they receive one or multiple text messages, reminding them to finish their order. But, whenever, during the time of receiving the messages, they complete the order, they will not receive any more messages. This way they do not get any useless messages and you save money by not sending redundant messages. 

Reminding your visitors to complete their order

In order to optimize your conversion rates, we have found that the best time to remind your visitors to complete their order is after just a few minutes after they abandon their cart. This is done usually within 10 to 15 minutes after they abandon their cart. This first text message that reminds them to complete their order can actually have a ROI of over 5000%

If the first reminder does not work, you can set multiple reminders, each containing a different message and even a discount. There is no limit to how many abandoned cart text message reminders you can set. And CartBoss will automatically stop sending them after a cart recovery was successful. 

Offering discounts with abandoned cart text messages

You never know why somebody decides not to finish their order. It might be the delivery time, the shipping cost, or just a random reason. If they forget to finish the order it is best to just remind them. But, if your visitors do not complete their order based on the price of the product, then offering them a discount in order to complete their order, CartBoss offers that out of the box without any additional work needed. 

Whether you have used WooCommerce or Shopify to power your online shop, coupons will be automatically generated and deleted after a while. You never have to worry about anything but selecting what messages you want to send. Our platform offers you the simplest solution for embedding text messages into your eCommerce sites so we do all the work for you!

Not only that, but we have optimized the performance of your site by automatically deleting the coupons after a specific time period. This way, your online shop is the same as you have set it up at the start.

Abandoned cart recovery – best practices

Based on the results of our clients, the best way to get the most out of recovering abandoned carts is to send 2-3 text messages. The first one should be just a reminder, that they have forgotten something in their cart. Although this might be the best practice for most, it does not mean it is best for your eCommerce shop – all the results we have gathered should be tested on your brand and products to find the best results. 

After the first text message where you only notify your customers about the forgotten products in the cart, you want to offer them a discount. They probably did not finish their order due to the final order value and it is a good option to offer them a discount if they finish it right now. But, you can always test how much discount your customers expect. You can send them multiple text messages, always with a different text and different discount values. That way you can find the best offer for your customers based on what you are selling.

Want to know when is the best time to send abandoned cart text messages? Read our article When to send abandoned cart text messages?.

Recovering abandoned carts with text messages

Recovering abandoned carts with text messages has been one of the best solutions for our customers – the recipients like them, they enjoy being notified and get special discounts, and the ROI of them is more than 2400%. There is no work needed for E-commerce businesses and can be implemented in a matter of minutes. With a minimal amount of energy, your site can start recovering abandoned carts and growing your ROAS.

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